Saturday, February 25, 2012


Snatch grip push press-3+2 OHS for 6 sets, shoulder became troubling.

Clean pulls-80kg/176lbs 2x3, 87kg/191lbs 1x2, 92kg/203lbs 3x2

Skipped push presses due to shoulders being sore. thrown 2x this week plus lifted 2x they were rather beat up.

Front squats- 105kg/231lbs 2x3

Thursday, February 23, 2012


No hands no feet Snatch-Up to 52kg/115lbs for 2 singles

Power Cleans from blocks-75kg/165lbs 2x3, 82kg/180lbs 3x2

Press in Split-4x5

Back Squat-130kg/286lbs, 3x5

Pretty good day.

Monday, February 20, 2012

2-16 & 2-18

  • Rock n Roll drill-help warmup.

  • Powersnatch/snatch from blocks-3x3 and 3x2 up to 60-62kg ish (132-135 lbs)

  • Cleans- 80x3x3 (176 lbs)

  • Push Presses-light, shoulders were bothersome. 

    Back Squats-125x3 (275 lbs)
     130x3x2 (285 lbs) 
    legs were very very tired.

    Rock & Roll drill-help warmup

    Power snatch doubles +OHS-up to 62 ish kilos (135 lbs). Lots of volume at 57 kgs (125lbs).

    High Pull/power snatch for a few sets of same weight.

    bottom position overhead 1/2 squats

    97.5kg(215lb)x1 clean, missed jerk.

    Clean pulls from blocks

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


No hand/no feet Snatch-worked up to 105 on these. Went light because it was my first time doing them and also  because I noticed I began to move my feet more the heavier I got. I really like this drill. It really teaches you to be forceful with the hips and to quickly drop under the bar.

Power Cleans off blocks-2x3, 5x2 up to 195. These felt good. 195-210 is quickly becoming joke range for me. I see a 100kg clean in the near future.

Sweep Deadlifts-220x3x3

Front Squats-220x3, 240x3x2

Done. Good day today.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Lifting was pretty good today.

Snatch-Up to 140 (not 135 as the video says), missed 145 and hit my head.
High pull+Snatch-130 for 2 sets

Clean and Jerks-Up to 185, missed 200 jerk twice. I didn't even include the jerks in the video, they were too ugly. Cleans were solid though.

Front Squats-260x1 for a 10lb PR. Took it down to 235x3 after that. My knees were hurting from Thursday so I used my crap knee wraps on the front squats.

Today's video-

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Today's workout.

Power Snatch from blocks


Power Cleans (floor)

up to 185x2

BTN Push Press
light 3x5, my shoulders are feeling better.

Back Squat
up to 300x3 for a new PR. No belt or wraps.